Friday, June 29, 2012

Tomato Recipe #1

Good god, there's still lemons.
    The tomatoes are here! These are small ones yet, but there are more on the way. In the meantime, I think I have most of the ingredients for my favorite recipes. I still have lemons on the tree from winter. I didn't plant any corn this year, but otherwise, I think I'm ready to go.
    So, if you, too, have a tomatoes, lemons, corn, green onions and a few other ingredients, I highly recommend that you throw together a a tomato corn pie. This is my favorite summer recipe. I'd recommend following the directions, including peeling the tomatoes and getting rid of the seeds and juicy parts. Yes, they are very flavorful, but there is so much flavor in the pie, you won't miss it.
     This pie tastes like summer to me -- tart from the lemon, sweet from the corn, and the tomatoes! Oh, it's so good! I'm making this Sunday for dinner. You should, too!


  1. Huh, I've never tried this before. Sounds very interesting.

  2. It's kind of a lot of work, since you have to peel the tomatoes, but it is so flavorful. One of my very favorites.